Our Story

Hi, my name is Beth Seamon owner of The Silver Plum, located in Mandeville, Louisiana.  When you shop the website, you are shopping with Me.  We will be friends from here on out!

My unique story began over 25 years ago when The Silver Plum’s parent company, Foot Gear was founded in Chalmette, Louisiana by my parents Tommy & Alice Froeba.  Together with their children they enjoyed the success of a family shoe store. In 2005, “Hurricane Katrina” literally washed away the business, their home and dreams. Never giving up hope, my parents relocated to Mandeville, Louisiana which included Me….

The Silver Plum - Our Story

This is when I come into the story.  Recognizing my father had so much knowledge and passion for the retail industry, it was clear that we must start over.

We decided to open a children’s clothing, shoe and gift store called The Silver Plum and 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe. Together we had created a magical children’s store.  We enjoyed many successful years together.

Unfortunately, both my parents became ill and passed during one year of each other.  They are dearly missed, but their legacy lives on with the launch of “The Silver Plum” website.

My journey has now led Me  to the creation of my website which I hope you will enjoy.  It is filled with children’s clothing, personalized applique, embroidery, shoes and magical gifts.  I love creating new things for you and promise to always do the best I can!

XO Beth